Flatiron’s road to success with Infor Cloverleaf, August 13, 12:30pm EST

Flatiron Health is a healthcare technology and services company focused on accelerating cancer research and improving patient care. The company’s platform enables cancer researchers and care providers to learn from the experience of every patient. Currently, Flatiron partners with more than 280 community cancer practices, 7 major academic research centers, and more than 15 of …


Engaging Providers in Interoperability – A Foundation of Success for Population Health, July 29, 12pm EST

Anna and the MultiCare team, in collaboration with Dave and Cambia Health Solutions, are helping to lead the way with HL7® Da Vinci Project production implementations to enable interoperability and advance value based care in the Pacific Northwest. They will share how Cambia and MultiCare Connected Care team found the right intersection of business need to …


Moving to the Cloud with Infor Cloverleaf, June 24, 1pm EST

https://pages.infor.com/20200624-hcl-cl-event-moving-to-the-cloud-with-infor-cloverleaf.html As the move to cloud continues, Infor has been heavily investing and innovating in Cloverleaf® Cloud as the future of cloud interoperability, now providing Cloverleaf as an Infor-managed or self-managed service in Infor Labs AWS®. Cloverleaf Cloud means that you get all the flexibility and reliability of Cloverleaf without the overhead of being your …


FHIR at Infor after the final rules, June 11, 1-2pm EST

https://pages.infor.com/20200611-hcl-cl-event-fhir-at-Infor-after-the-final-rules.html FHIR® has arrived and is moving quickly. CMS and ONC have published final rules driving FHIR API-based data exchange across payers, providers and consumers. Important non-governmental progress is being made in efforts such as the HL7 Da Vinci project and FHIR at Scale Taskforce (FAST). Infor® has been investing and innovating in FHIR for …


Cloverleaf Client Town Hall, June 2, 1-2pm EST

https://pages.infor.com/20200602-hcl-cl-webinar-cloverleaf-client-town-hall.html Join us for the Infor Cloverleaf® Customer Town Hall where we’ll share our perspective on industry happenings and provide a brief overview of what’s next on our product roadmap. During the Town Hall, we’ll also discuss and demo: How Infor® FHIR Bridge can help you connect legacy clinical systems with the emerging FHIR® API …


Cloverleaf Consolidator: Combine legacy data and set it on FHIR – December 10, 2:30pm EST

FHIR innovation is going mainstream fast, and yet much of our data remains in legacy HL7v2 or CCDA. Cloverleaf Consolidator provides an efficient solution to aggregate legacy data, expose it as FHIR resources, and to make it available for healthcare analytics. In this webinar you will learn about important developments with Consolidator related to FHIR, …


Cloverleaf Cloud in Infor AWS Webinar October 24, 1pm ET

Cloverleaf is now available as a managed service in Infor Labs AWS. This means that you can benefit from the power of Cloverleaf to securely connect healthcare rapidly, without provisioning and managing the environments, or standing up a large integration team. And Cloverleaf Cloud is available on a subscription basis, reducing demand on capital. In …


Inforum Cloverleaf Networking Dinner

Join the Infor team for a Cloverleaf networking dinner on Tuesday, September 24th from 6:30 – 9:30 PM at the Red Fish Grill in the River Room. This will be a great opportunity to meet one-on-one with Infor product and sales leadership, discuss your current or upcoming projects, address any questions, and receive some much-deserved …


Clovertech Feature Enhancement – Moving Back to Forums!

After many requests from the user community, we have decided to officially switch back to the old forums methods that users are more comfortable with! The questions/answers currently posted in the “Questions” section of Clovertech will be ported over into the “Forum” format in the following weeks. The return back to forums will also give …


Cloverleaf Northeast Customer User Group Meeting

Be Our Guest On May 14 we are hosting a User Group meeting open to all Cloverleaf customers in the Northeast.  The event will be at our NYC global headquarters and will be led by a blend of customers and Infor product management. The goal is to share the latest and greatest information on how …


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