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I will attempt to keep this updated with upcoming events. Webinar: Cloverleaf Distributed Transaction Controller : April 9, 2019 https://pages.infor.com/20190409-hcl-webinar-infor-cloverleaf-distributed-transaction-controller.html Infor TechEd 2019: April 24-26, La Jolla CA https://pages.infor.com/20190426-edu-tech-ed-san-diego.html Inforum 2019: September 23-26, New Orleans LA Past webinars with links to recordings: Cloverleaf 19.1:  https://pages.infor.com/20190131-hcl-webinar-excellence-in-interoperability.html FHIR Bridge: https://pages.infor.com/20181213-hcl-accelerate-FHIR-innovation.html Cloverleaf API Gateway:  https://pages.infor.com/20190130-hcl-webinar-connecting-healthcare-in-the-digital-age.html Cloverleaf Consolidator:  https://pages.infor.com/20190129-hcl-cl-webinar-cloverleaf-consolidator.html


Cloverleaf Training Webinar, March 21: Transform your legacy system HL7 messages into new FHIR with Cloverleaf

One challenge to realizing the opportunities of FHIR is that most systems today largely interoperate using HL7 v2 messaging. In this complimentary webinar sponsored by Infor Education, Infor Senior Technical Solution Consultant, Samantha Mitchell will show you the tools available in Infor Cloverleaf that you can use to create API and FHIR-based interfaces to take …


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