Moving to the Cloud with Infor Cloverleaf, June 24, 1pm EST


As the move to cloud continues, Infor has been heavily investing and innovating in Cloverleaf® Cloud as the future of cloud interoperability, now providing Cloverleaf as an Infor-managed or self-managed service in Infor Labs AWS®. Cloverleaf Cloud means that you get all the flexibility and reliability of Cloverleaf without the overhead of being your own data center, available on a subscription basis that reduces demand on capital.

Learn how Infor is creating a cloud interoperability platform for your healthcare needs, and how to benefit from the power of Cloverleaf to securely and rapidly connect your healthcare organization—without the need to provision and manage these environments.

In this webinar, our subject matter experts will discuss:

  • Cloverleaf Cloud packaging, service delivery, and implementation
  • Best practices for migrating to Cloverleaf Cloud
  • Lessons learned from Infor Labs customer experiences
  • Roadmap for Cloverleaf as a cloud interoperability suite

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