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    Rick Carruth

    I’m Rick Carruth, Director of Training and Documentation for Healthvision.

    Recently, a request was forwarded to me to create XML training for our customers. For those intersted in XML training, I’ve attached a short questionnaire to get a better understanding of the level of interest and the major objectives such training would try to accomplish.

    Instead of guessing what you want to know, we’re asking you to help design the training that best serves you.

    Please take a moment to respond to the questionnaire attachment and we’ll use the responses to decide if training is necessary, how best to deliver it and how to meet the defined training objectives.

    Thank you for your time and effort. Look for similar requests in the future.

    -Rick Carruth

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      Jim Kosloskey


      How do we get this questionairre back to you?

      email: jim.kosloskey@jim-kosloskey.com

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      Rick Carruth

      If you can’t post it as an attachment to your response, you can copy and paste your responses into your reply message.

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      Bob Richardson


      See attachment.  If you cannot view it or read it, let me know and our responses will be cut/pasted instead.



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      James Cobane

      We would also be interested in some XML training.  See attached.

      Jim Cobane

      Henry Ford Health

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      Art Schwartz

      we would be very interested

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      Our Integration team would love to attend XML Cloverleaf training.  If will help us with future projects.


      Tiffany Johnson

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      Jodi Agosta2

      I am jus now becoming involved in this type of development. I would be interested.

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      Rick Carruth

      Thanks to everyone who contributed to this effort. After looking at the results and talking with our trainers, we have decided on the approach described below.

      XML in Cloverleaf is part of a larger set of technologies we’re referring to as “Advanced Protocols.” The most frequently requested topics that fall under Advnaced Protocols include XML, HTTP and ODBC. To focus on the most relevant information, the Advanced Protocols training will only focus on how these technologies are implemented and used within Cloverleaf.

      A multi-tiered approach to Advanced Protocols include three offerings:

      1. Offer Advanced Protocols CBTs that train the customer in the use of Advanced Protocols as they relate to Cloverleaf.

      2. Conduct a webinar at a client’s request for a flat connection fee. The price and content would  be negotiated with each customer on a case-by-case basis.

      3. Conduct an on-site session for Advanced Protocols with the price and content to be negotiated with each customer on a case-by-case basis.

      I believe this approach allows customers the flexibility to meet their needs in a cost-effective way.

      Before receiving training on Advanced Protocols as they relate to Cloverleaf, customers should complete a course or tutorial on the basics of the necessary technology. Many good tutorials are available for free or for a fee online.

      Interested customers can locate tutorials and training through a web search or visit the World Wide Web Consortium (http://www.w3.org/).

      Our goal is to start releasing the CBTs by the end of 2009. That goal is contigent upon training schedules and workload on other projects and should not be viewed as a firm delivery date. Currently, our training team is refreshing and releasing updated versions of our core CBT offerings.

      If you are interested in purchasing any of our current CBTs, you can contact Kathy Pickett at kpickett@healthvision.com for details on pricing and availablility.

      -Rick Carruth

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      Amol Kulkarni


      We are very interested in the Advance Protocols, especially the CBT tutorials on XML, ODBC, HTTP. Although there are quite a few free sites with information available, in my humble opionion many of us struggle when trying to relate these within the frame work of the cloverleaf engine. In others words “THE HOW TO” apply these protocols using real examples with the cloverleaf engine.

      Thank you

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      Mary Kobis

      Another idea would be to contract HeathVision Services to come on site to work with the interface group on an XML project.  🙂


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      Rick Carruth

      Thanks for all of the enthusiasm and suggestions. Currently, our trainers are working hard on refreshing some outdated CBTs and transferring them to a new platform.

      The Advanced Protocols items are still on the plan and development will start once the current tasks are complete.

      As always, you can engage Healthvision Services for a customized session.

      Thanks for reading.

      -Rick Carruth

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      James Cobane

      Did any formal training class around XML get developed?

      Jim Cobane

      Henry Ford Health

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      Ran Yan

      I want to know more about XML in Cloverleaf, especially in 5.7

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