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    Kevin Crist

    i have an A31 message that needs to go to a recieving system. it works ok but on occasion there is no PV1 info to go with the A31 and it is required by the recieving system and errors out when it isnt there. how would i add a null to the first segment in either an xlate or tcl? i have tried a few different ways in an xlate but cant seem to get it to work.

    Thanks for your time

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      Michael Hertel

      Change your variant to make the PV1 required on A31’s.

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      Kevin Crist

      it is checked for required. but there is no info to put into it. i think it may be wanting the first field, but im a newbie so not exactly sure. here is the error.

      trxd.hl7std|29400|10/22/08 09:50:30|process_seg|1088|adt_in|CL733564610|30507668|||MONITOR|Seg=PV1, Seq#=1, Fld#=1, Err: field ‘set id – pat visit’ not found in segment

      trxd.hl7std|29400|10/22/08 09:50:30|ParseXactionMsg|498|adt_in|CL733564610|30507668|||ERROR|Parse Error:

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      Michael Hertel

      The error looks like it is coming from tcl code and not the engine.

      Normally I would tell you to set PV1-1 to 0001, but your code may be looking for other things and that make take awhile to get through.

      Look at trxd.hl7std script to see what’s required.

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      Jon Blanchard

      If there is always one (and only one) PID and PV1 pair in each inbound A31, try a two step process in the Xlate:

      1. COPY inbound field PID.1 to outbound field PV1.1, then

      2. COPY the inbound PV1 segment to the outbound PV1 segment, with the Error response set to Skip.

      It’s a blind copy, but should resolve the issue.

      If it exists, you can also COPY inbound field PID.18 to outbound field PV1.19.  Those two tend to be the same in most systems and would give the receiving system something to chew on.

      Sr. Interface Developer
      Ardent Health Services

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