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    Jim Kosloskey

    I have just started to do some preliminary work with the X12 configurator and Xlate creating X12 message in Cloverleaf(R) 5.2.

    It appears there may be some rough edges.

    Can anyone inform me as to whether the X12 handling in Cloverleaf(R) 5.2 is flawed?


    Jim Kosloskey

    email: jim.kosloskey@jim-kosloskey.com

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      Bob Richardson


      Jim, we run CIS5.4.1 Rev2 on AIX5.2 only for our X12 interface to a payor.  This was necessary in order to use the SSL connectivity successfully.  All the bulk of our HL7 stuff runs on CIS5.3 Rev3 so I cannot attest to the success/failure of doing X12 on that version.

      We have developed an X12 translation for a 270 Eligibility Request message.  It works fine up through the 5.6 version (we were a beta site for that version).  However, it is painful to put together as I started at ground zero from just an HL7 background.  Fortunately for me we have a resident expert in X12 who guided me through the requirements on putting one of these suckers together.  One caveat:  if you create segments you will need to update the SE segment counter field for all your ST (transaction) segments.  Also: only one ST can be processed at a time – Cloverleaf requires you to split up the envelope of transactions if there are multiples in an envelope.  Canned Tcl procedures are available from Quovadx to do that function.

      An envelope here is the ISA structure around the STs.  So you translate an ST and then repackage it with its ISA/GS/GE/IEA wrapper after translate – again canned routines help with that chore.

      I also found the loop counter (iterates) to be a bit challenging to keep straight in my head.

      Bottom line: at least this translate works so far without any problems.

      I hope that this has proven helpful to you.


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      Jim Kosloskey


      Thanks for the info it is helpful.

      I attended your excellent presentation at this year’s User Conference and referred back to the CD as I began working on this.

      I actually did a 270/271 set around 1997 or so using Cloverleaf(R) 3.3.1 (not SSL however) and the way the tools worked then was quite different then now (no need for pre and post processing for envelopes).

      We do not yet have the full skinny on the requirements but I would not be surprised if SSL is a requirement. If it is I guess I see our upgrading Cloverleaf(R) as a prerequisite to accomplishing the goal.

      I agree about keeping the loop iterations straight.

      Thanks again for your assistance.

      Jim Kosloskey

      email: jim.kosloskey@jim-kosloskey.com

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