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    Ken Seachrist

    Has anybody had problems or success in getting the x-windows for AIX to work using the IDE in windows?  we are currently using a third-party X-windows package that we are paying hefty support fees for, and are only using it for the admin functions of Cloverleaf!  We are on CL 5.7 and AIX 5.3.

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      I believe there a few threads on this forum that discuss that issue. HealthVision only officially supports the Windows client for Cloverleaf.

      Instead of paying for an x-server, have you considered using cygwin? I’ve been using it for many years with no issues. However, I have not tried to run the Cloverleaf client remotely since about 5.2.1.

      -- Max Drown (Infor)

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      Kevan Riley

      We have Reflections here, but I have never really used it.  I use Cygwin-X, which, like Max stated, is Free.  I have been for the last 5+ years for X (and the other unix-ish toold it provides).  

      I do not usually use X for the Cloverleaf GUIs since we have them installed on our PC’s (except SMAT, occasionally, if the file is really big).  

      I did, however, just now, pull up the IDE from our AIX server using cygwin-X and it looked and worked just fine.  I opened a NetMonitor, NetConfig, and an Xlate, no problems.

      Kevan Riley

      Adventist Health System – Information Services

      lake Mary FL

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