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    Weston Olmstead

    Good evening,

    I was wondering if anyone is aware of a way within the Cloverleaf file or fileset-local outbound thread writer to write directly to a network drive (or any path above the Cloverleaf site level really)?

    Typically I would do this with a quick TCL script, but I was wondering if the configurable options in Network Config for outbound files are limited to inside the site / cloverleaf root or if there may be something incorrect with my config that prevents browsing above that folder level?

    Thanks in advance.

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      Paul Bishop

      Whenever I need to go outside the cloverleaf root directory, I type in the full path directly without using the Browse button.  In AIX, that would be starting at the root level.  In Windows, I have threads going out to network drives and other servers, usually to directories defined as shared.  i.e. “\\<server name>\<directory1>\<directory2>\<file name>”.

      Paul Bishop
      Carle Foundation Hospital
      Urbana, IL

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      Vince Angulo

      We cannot browse above above the site directory.

      But we can type in a full path in the Outbound Directory to access our attached storage.

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      Brian Sweetland

      I think it was v19 where I had to change my network path from the \ to / in order to update the NetConfig where ever I use fileset-local.

      IE: \\server\share\folder

      Changed to: //server/share/folder


      I just upgraded my DEV server to 20.1 and I can still enter the //server/share/folder, but when I save NetConfig, I get a verification error on every thread using filset-local.

      The interface works as I can read/write to all my network shares.

      Anyone else having this issue? I’m running on Windows Server 2019.

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      Charlie Bursell
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      Brian Sweetland

      I had thought of that, but I’ve had issues in the past where someone removes the mapped drive, then the CL thread no longer works. At least with the \\serverName, it’s always going to make the connection.

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