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    Tim Jipson

    I’m trying to bring up a new Cloverleaf 5.5 install on a Windows box. The following has happened on Windows 2003, Windows 2003 SP2, and Windows 2000 Server SP4.

    On a fresh reboot there are 30 windows processes running and as I start and stop cloverleaf processes I get multiple windows cmd.exe, hciengine.exe, notepad.exe, rundll32.exe processes, the number of windows processes increases by 3 every time I attempt to start a cloverfleaf process.

    Also, I need to tell the cloverleaf process to start three times before it actually does.

    My site consists of two simple threads(one in and one out).

    What should I look at to determine the cause of the problem?



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      Hi Tim,

      Do you still have this error ?

      we have the same problem on a production site. Do you have any issues for us ?

      Thanks a lot

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      Tim Jipson

      Turns out the log cycling doesn’t work on Windows with CL 5.5. Turning off log cycling resolved the erract behavior.

      I’m new to Cloverleaf and this was just one of many problems that we had.

      In the end my recommended solution is to move to Redhat.

      We have over 40 Windows servers and a few vendor supported AIX boxes, no Redhat. I’ve been told that Cloverleaf is build for AIX then ported to Windows, I believe that many things are lost in that translation. Since we had all ready purchased x86 servers and had no money for more AIX servers I made a case to move to Redhat which management quickly agreed to. I learned Redhat on the fly as I brought up the new environment and the last few weeks have been great, It’s finally working right!

      If your interested, I’d be glad to sent you the install procedure that I wrote.

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      Many thanks Tim !

      You save my life !

      Everything works fine now. It was the first time I ued this option.

      Bad Idea…. 🙁

      We are the french distributor of Cloverleaf. I would be pleased to receive your documentation. The more information we have, the better we  are….

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      Tim Jipson

      Sure thing, I’ll be polishing it next week when I bring up another server so I should have it looking pretty by this time next week.

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