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    Jeremy Marut

    One of my team members has a really odd issue with his GUI. We’ve copied over a new instance from various teammate machines with no difference. Two distinct visual problems (see attachment):

    1) All buttons are tall, probably about twice the size of normal.

    2) All text on buttons and in tables is aligned so high and left that it is unreadable.

    We’ve changed resolution and everything possible on the video card and in windows (vista, it works on other machine). Anyone know what has happened?



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      Russ Ross

      There is a MS window’s OS behavior I dispise that I’ve encountered that causes display issues for applications exactly like you described.

      Thanks for the picture which immediately told me what I needed to know.

      Sometimes this problem will even push button choices outside the viewable area of a GUI making them unaccessable.

      I’ve seen this dispicable behaivor impact many applications, it even impacts their own Internet Explorer web browser, when the DPI (dots per inch) setting is set higher than normal.

      The fact that windows is broken when it comes to making things big enough to read while keeping a high screen resolution is one reason I miss the X-window GUIs.

      I’m not on Vista but here are the steps to set the DPI on XP to the only setting that mostly works:

      – right click on desktop

      – left click on properties

      – choose tab that says settings

      – click on advanced

      – make sure the DPI setting is set to “Normal size (96 DPI)

      Russ Ross

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      Jeremy Marut

      Thanks Russ, but this is not the issue in this case. We’re at the standard 96 DPI…

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