What happens to HL7 messages that do not have route defined?

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    herm ernst

    Someone refresh my memory.

    I’m using HL7 TrxIDs and do not have a route defined for each HL7 message type received, ie, ADT_A08 has a route, ADT_A60 does not. Will it be necessary to kill the A60’s manually or will the engine kill them automatically.

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      Jim Kosloskey

      The engine does NOT lose messages.

      In this case, if you check the Error DB you will see your messages in there with an error state (either 100 or 101).

      You need to define what you want to do with the messages.

      There are lots of options on how to do that.

      One way is to define the routes you want for the messages you want and then have a catch-all that is static raw route and on that route detail use hcitpsmsgkill to unilaterally KILL all the messages that take that route (those will be the messages that do not have specific routing).

      There are consequences with the above approach as there are with most approaches but if you understand those consequences you can arrive at a methodology thatg suits your needs.

      email: jim.kosloskey@jim-kosloskey.com

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      herm ernst

      What wildcard statment would you use in the Name field to catch all messages that do not have a route defined?

      I’ve tried * and it routes nothing. Then I troed ORM.* but that catches  the ORM_O01 which already has a route defined.

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      I normally do not try to capture ALL “unexpected” messages types coming in because I’d rather them go to the error database so they can be handled better. Instead, I’ll create a route or a wild card route to capture the message types I know I don’t want. For example, I’d have a raw route for ADT_A60 that simply passes the messages to hcitpsmsgkill.

      -- Max Drown (Infor)

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      Chris Williams


      We include a static raw route for some of our threads in addition to the normal routing which prevents any incoming messages from causing a “route not defined” error. You can, of course, explicitely define which messages to route to specific destinations. Remember, entries in the Name field, when Wild Card Route is checked, are regular expressions where the asterisk has a different meaning from glob style expressions.


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