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    Lawrence Williams

    We just installed the Cloverleaf client gui on a citrix server, and I would like to make the client to server connection a little more secure by requiring a username/password each time a client connects to the server – is there a setting in the server.ini or something that can do that ?

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      Lawrence Williams

      thought this might be an easy one….. no one ?

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      Sam Craig

      I believe you have to purchase the extra Security software.  If you have the client installed and know what server to access, then you are in the application without any login.

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      Rob Abbott

      Enabling basic security might get you what you need.  Basic security is free.  Check the documentation for instructions on upgrading to basic security.

      If this doesn’t work for you, the advanced security module is an add-on.  Contact your CRM for more information.

      Rob Abbott
      Director, Product Management - Infor Cloverleaf

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      Todd Lundstedt

      I am not sure if Basic or Advanced will help you out on that, either.  With either version, if the user checks the “enable cached login” box during authentication, the user won’t need to authenticate next time (as long as the HostServer process stays up).

      You would have to find a way to disable that check box, unless support has an option with Basic and/or Advanced they have not mentioned here, yet.

      Cycling the HostServer process daily will make them log in at least daily, but that will present other issues for active sessions, too.

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