VRL repeating within an HRL. How too?

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    John Hamilton

    How does cloverleaf determine the start of the second repeating record in an HRL for a VRL record type?

    Or how does it determine the end of the first repeating data record ?  

    I have two VRL records one used as a header. This tells me how many records are in the second VRL.

    The second is just a big data record.

    I can run the tester against a file that has a header in it. And two data records.  It pulls up the header no problem.    

    In production I will have anywhere from 1 to 10,000 records.

    It applies the repeating count from the header as the number of times the data record repeats. So far so good.

    It pulls up the first data record no problem.

    The second data record is blank.

    The Repeat Field Offset for the second record is set to the full length of both data records.

    Confused yet. I am.

    Confused yet. I am.

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      John Hamilton

      Ok this is simple if you follow a few short guidelines.

      1> Make sure the global options are set and saved correctly for the current portions of the record you are looking at.

      2> Don’t forget to save your global options just because you set them when you are working in an VRL they are not saved until you save the vrl you are working on.

      3> Global Options are not global they are part of the current VRL you are working with.

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