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    Yvonne Gaffney

    I am having an issue with the system receiving the vrl file I have created.  The person doing the coding on the recieving system states that the file is coming in ok, but each row has a blank at the end which is throwing off her file definition.  Do I need to write a script to remove this control character and if so, which control character am I removing??

    The vrl file is defined as pipe delimited – I have even set the termination character as a pipe hoping that would get rid of the blank value at the end of the row.  

    Any suggestions would be helpful   😛

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      I use VRL for many processes here. I have not seen this paricular issue.

      What OS are both you and the person getting the file on ?

      Could it be in the trasmision ?

      Before you send the file to them look at it with what ever tool you have to do a hex dump.

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      Nate Kruse

      John E Hamilton wrote:

      Could it be in the trasmision ?

      Good thought John.  

      While it wasn’t with a VRL, I once had an SFTP tool change the ending characters of each segment in a message which threw off a vendor’s import.  I had to do a binary file transfer instead of a file transfer.

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      Jim Kosloskey


      Run hcihd against the file created (pipe it to less or some other utility so you get a chance to read it).

      That will give you a hex dump of the file and you can see exactly what is in the file. If the file looks OK to you, then it is something downstream.

      How is the Receiving system getting the file – via FTP? If so, then check that the mode of transfer (ASCII or Binary) is porper.

      email: jim.kosloskey@jim-kosloskey.com

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