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    Todd Horst

    It seems to me that when saving the netconfig it should verify that all referenced scripts exist before completing a save (similar to how it check directoies etc). I understand this could take a bit to check each script so if this is unrealistic an alternative would be to call this script manually to ensure everything is there.

    Does a script like this already exist?

    So here is the scenario, we moved our live server to a new box, in the process i missed one file while ftping everything over. The entire way through until we went live none of the staff noticed the file was missing since there was just one file missing. We did not test everything since we figured if a couple worked they all would. We also have a lot of threads so it would be time consuming and we really were being pushed to get things done.

    Needless to say, during go live we had a hard time getting the file since the old server had been removed from the network etc. If a script like this exists for switching servers I would love to get a copy.

    Thanks all,

    Todd Horst

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      Russ Ross

      Over many years of moving sites from one server to another I ended up writing 2 scripts to get rid of all the head aches I ever head with doing this that are called



      Because of unique archecture on our Cloverleaf servers with fielssytems and symbolic links, posting the scripts as is would only be good for getting the jest of what all steps need to be considered but would not be useable as is for anyone else.

      Plus the scripts call several other in-house scripts I wrote and would generate many questions I fear that would go unanswered because I can only find time to partially participate in clovertech.

      I don’t have a NetConfig validation tracing script like you are asking for but my 2 script approach does at least elliminate the problem you experienced and grows richer with time and each cloverleaf upgrade.

      Russ Ross

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      James Cobane

      From the NetConfig, if you perform the “Validate” (File > Validate), this should inform you of any missing procs.

      Jim Cobane

      Henry Ford Health

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      Ed Mastascusa


      the same thing can be done from the command line using “hcinetcheck” – I think file > validate iin the GUI just calls this.

      hcinetcheck will tell you if a tps tcl proc referenced in the NetConfig is missing or inaccessible.

      However, it won”t drill down and tell you if a proc called by another proc is missing and it won’t tell you if a proc used inside an xlt file is missing.

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