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    Ab Lugtenburg

    Hi all ,

    Ia have to build a json config with a @ in the name

    So as example my json looks  llike

    “KnUser”: {
    “Element”: {
    “@UsId”: “8123.4567”,
    “Fields”: {
    “Nm”: “prename lastname”,
    “Upn”: “”


    Now the problem is that i can make a json config and when testing al gies well.

    But whan using it in a xlate the field with the @ is skipped , i  think because it is a special character @ when i leave this out all works well

    I already tried @@ , \@ , \\@ and {@UsID} but every time it goes wrong

    I am now gonna write a tcl after creating the json for replacing UsId in @UsId but it is more readable for my collegea’s when is can use teh simple xlate ;->>



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      Jim Kosloskey

      I think that is a bug and you should report it to INFOR Support.


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      Ab Lugtenburg

      oke thx i’m gonna report it

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      Matthew Rasmussen

      Hi Ab,

      I had a similar issue, I was trying to pass through special characters and I saw this thread in my search for help, so I opened a support ticket  as Jim suggested.

      Dean B. helped me out (that guy is a rock star) and he determined that I needed to set encoding on the inbound and outbound thread to ISO-8859-1.  It worked like a champ!  without this setting, my special characters were getting escaped in translation, like this “\xcd” instead of an I with an accent grave.  Using ASCII or UTF-8, I could send a raw JSON file through ok, and I could write a raw HL7 message to a file ok – with preserving the special characters.  But when I went to translate the HL7 message to JSON and send it out, the outbound SMAT always escaped the special characters.

      Anyway, hope this works for you too.

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