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    Alice Schmautz

    We are running v.5.3 on Linux. When the application was installed, the typical alerts for disk space, etc. were created by the installers and mirror what I see in the Cloverleaf documentation. I noted the exec action for the 90% disk full alert is syntax: “{ACTION {{exec {hciguimsg -alert -message “/quovadx/qdx5.3 is now 90% full; this is a CRITICAL problem!  All saved message files (if any) have been turned off; they will automatically turn back on when /quovadx/qdx5.3 drops below 90% full.”}}}}”

    I’ve always assumed this would work, if ever triggered. However, now I’m not so sure…. I used this same syntax for a thread alert (pstat), shown below in our test environment. The “notify” action works fine – after 15 seconds, the pop-up on the GUI displays. Nothing “appears” to be happening as far as the “exec” action. Is this trying to display on the server itself??? I’ve looked at the documentation and haven’t figured this one out.

    My goal: To display specific text to the PC where the Operations staff will be monitoring LIVE interfaces via GUI monitor.

    TEST Alert – Notify works; exec doesn’t appear to do anything:

    {VALUE pstat}


    {MODE actual}

    {WITH -2}

    {COMP {== opening}}

    {FOR {nsec 15}}

    {WINDOW {* * * * * *}}

    {HOST {}}


    {notify {}}

    {exec {hciguimsg -alert -message “This is a test.”}}}}

    Error triggered when entering “hciguimsg” command directly in shell window:

    -bash-2.05b$ hciguimsg -alert -message “This is a test.”

    Error: no display name and no $DISPLAY environment variable


    initializing application (Tcl_AppInit?)


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