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    Richard Hart

    Cloverleaf 5.6.2 (AIX)

    I’ve just been doing some checking on this to see if its suitable for a requirement I have to complete where I need to send a query message and return an ACK. I have found the results I get are different from the documentation.

    Anyone any idea what I am doing wrong/missing?

    I’ve tried setting a few of the usual meta elements but the results remain unchanged.

    I have an ‘in’ thread (static) routed to the ‘upoc’ thread and am resending messages on the ‘in’ thread with the message content as the disposition. The upoc code simply prints the message and returns with the disposition.

    The result is taken from the log file with debug in

    Disposition    Result

    CONTINUE     Writing message succeeded … Invoking SENDOK

    SEND            Writing message succeeded … Invoking SENDOK

    KILL              Unsupported disposition from protocol write TPS: KILL

    PROTO          Unsupported disposition from protocol write TPS: PROTO

    OVER            Unsupported disposition from protocol write TPS: OVER

    ERROR          Writing message failed, Requeuing undelivered message …

                       and fills up the log file!!

    Tcl Code

    set myDisp [msgget $aMsgId]

    Print GlobQCU$HciConnName “RUN disposition: $myDisp” I

    set myDisp “{$myDisp $aMsgId}”

    return $myDisp

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      Jonathan Hamilton

      In the UPoC Write TPS you should only use CONTINUE (success) or ERROR (failure).

      When you use the CONTINUE disposition your messages out should increment and if you have a proc applied, the Send OK TPS will be executed.

      When you use KILL, the message will be sent to the Send Fail TPS.  If you do not have any code in Send Fail TPS or it returns a CONTINUE, the message will be re-queued (State 11) at the top of the queue for re-delivery.  If you do not want to retry you would need to use ERROR inside the Send Fail proc.

      You will need to use the Send OK/Fail procs to control the post delivery aspects of your UPoC protocol.  Note: in order for your Send Fail proc to run the Retries: setting on the Outbound tab has to be > 0, we typically use 3 or 10 depending on the interfaces needs.  The Interval: settings is suppose to put a delay between retries but does NOT work, the messages will be resent as quickly as the engine can.


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      Richard Hart

      Hi Jonathan.

      Thanks very much.

      I’ve just had some more time to ‘play’ and it works as you describe.

      It’s a shame that the doco (5.6) still indicates that PROTO and SEND work!

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      Nathan Martin


      The “http-client” protocol can create replies from its query proc.

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