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    Carl Duff

    Greetings all,

    I have a system that will be placing multiple flat files in a specified folder on their system.

    I read the posts on the vrl/hrl and decided to go the way of a tcl proc to convert to HL7 before the xlate.

    I have several threads that use a UPoC to read a file and quite a few pre-procs that masage the file but what I am looking to do here is a UPoC to do both. I’d like to read the files in the directory one at a time and for each file convert it to HL7 before sending it to the translate.

    I have the UPoC working that reads the files and the tcl proc working that manipulates the files but can’t seem to make them work together.

    Is this doable and does someone have an example to share that reads and manipulates a file or is there a better way?

    Hope this makes sense!!

    Thanks in advance,


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      David Barr

      I’d probably put the UPOC on the protocol read and the HL7 conversion proc on the inbound TPS.

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      Sergey Sevastyanov


      Why don’t you want to use regular xlate?

      I don’t have exact scenario that you do, but I have one case where HL7 gets translated to VRL and saved in a file. I also have another case when a file with HL7 messages gets picked up by fileset-ftp thread and gets translated and sent to other thread.

      So I don’t see why you can’t use fileset-ftp (or fileset-local) thread to pick up your files and translate them to HL7 using xlate. If xlate doesn’t work for you you always can do it using tcl, for example, Raw translation with Tcl proc. And of course, you can use UPoC protocol to pick up your files (I haven’t use it) and then adjust your translation proc to convert to HL7


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