upgraded to 5.7..now have an issue with the HL7 format

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    Tria Zitterkopf

    We recently upgraded to 5.7.   Everything is working fine, but now that I need to change an xlate, I have a problem.  In the HL7 format, there is a message type ORM and also an Orm.  Before it was using the Orm format, but now when I try to reconfigure it is defaulting to use the ORM format.  Any ideas?

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      Jim Kosloskey

      Does your Xlate reference a variant? If so you need to make sur that variant was migrated to the new environment.

      Orm is not a standard message type as far as I know and so either you have a variant defined which does not now exist (Clovelreaf defaults to the standard if there is no variant) or someone modified the standard definition distributed with Cloverleaf in your prior release (not something I would recommend). When you upgrade, the standard distributed HL/7 definitions get replaced with the new versions so if someone modified the prior release standard definition, the modification is gone.

      email: jim.kosloskey@jim-kosloskey.com

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      Tria Zitterkopf

      Yes….the xlate references a variant.  Within the variant they created Orm instead of changing ORM.  Within a variant, if you want to change an order format should you change ORM instead of creating a new message?  Maybe I should try to find the changes, delete Orm and put them in ORM.  They also have fields in the variant like Pv1 instead of PV1.  Should changes have been made in the PV1 field and saved?

      Your help is greatly appreciated…tria

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      Tria Zitterkopf

      My xlate is reading the correct format now.  I deleted Orm in the variant…and changed ORM to the correct format.  The xlate still didn’t see the correct format until I copied the Orm file under messages back in and renamed it to ORM  (from a backup).   Now everything seems fine.  There’s probably a better way to fix this, but at least it’s working again.

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      Troy Morton

      Sounds like Cloverleaf 5.4 allowed case sensitive Message Types and 5.7 converts them all to upper case maybe?

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      Tria Zitterkopf

      I have to correct my previous response.  My changes created other problems on other xlates.  So I called support to get help.  They figured out what I need to do.  Since I cannot reconfigure the xlate format using Orm, I have to save it with ORM and then go into the xlate file itself and change the name to Orm and save it using wordpad.  I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks promising.

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