Unable to install qdx5.7 on AIX and problem with file system

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    Shu Chen

    Hi Guys,

    I try to install qdx5.7 on my AIX 5.3 from telnet window. I am unable to load the GUI. I have to use console mode to install it. I would like to install qdx5.7 in /hci/quovadx file system instead of cloverleaf default filesystem /opt/qdovadx. I have enough space for the drive.I login as root user. but it stoped after i type my installation directory name and cloverleaf will create a default folder qdx5.7 under my folder /dev/quovadx. but there is nothing inside the folder qdx5.7. there is no installation script. anybody can give me a help about this? I am really appreciate.

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      Shu Chen

      found the problem already. thanks everyone

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      D C Seymour

      What was the problem?  I’m having the same issue.

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      Russ Ross

      As far as getting the GUI to load if you are running this from UNIX I belive you will need to be in a x-window environemnt.

      Sounds like you figured that out by running the console mode that is probably textual and not graphical.

      I’m not sure if this extra information helps any but I stopped hanging my hat on a stable directory structure when I had to go from Cloverleaf 3.5.5 to 5.2.

      Since then I’ve been palcing the cloverleaf install into a files system unkown to the install_dir environment variable used by cloverleaf.

      What I did this time while upgrading from cloverleaf 5.2 to 5.6 was:

      – create an /upgrade filesystem

      – mkdir /upgrade/cloverleaf

      – create a symbolic link for the currently used base directory name which was /quovadx this time but might be /healthvision next time

      Here is my steps for creating the quovadx symbolic link

      cd /

      ln -s /upgrade/cloverleaf /quovadx

      Then I install cloverleaf and it thinks it is in $HCIROOT


      but physically resides in


      We also adopted a similar pratice for all the cloverleaf sites using symbolic links for each site that points to where they are physically located in our /sites file system

      Russ Ross

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