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    Kevin Crist

    i am curious to know that if i have an inbound thread that recieves a lab result and i want to send all of them to thread1 and only to thread2 is the ordering provider is “Bob”. Is this possible with only i kind of message and how would that be done?

    Thanks for any ideas.

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      Jim Kosloskey

      You can use message filtering with 2 routes.

      Let’s say route 1 should have all messages and route 2 should only get “Bob”.

      In route 1 no action is required just treat everything as normal and all messages will flow.

      On route 2 pre-xlate apply a filter proc that CONTINUEs mesages with “Bob” and KILLs all others.


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      Russ Ross

      I agree with Jim and use his tps_msg_action.tcl proc to do simple filtering like he described all the time.

      I just have to configure the parameters to his reusable proc and my simple filtering needs are done withing mintues.

      However, for more complex compound filetering I’ve found the trxID proc to be my preference and have an example at this URL:

      <a href="; class=”bbcode_url”>

      I located one of my old posts that includes Jim’s tps_msg_action.tcl proc along with one example of how to use it at this URL:

      <a href="; class=”bbcode_url”>

      My particular example in the URL post above shows a method of using this TPS proc pre-xlate with a lookup table to only allow the desired messages to flow thru.

      Granted this illustrates a more complex filtering than what you need but gives you access to copy the source for tps_msg_action.tcl should you decided to use it instead of writing a TPS filtering proc of your own.

      The nice thing about Jim’s tps_msg_action is it is argument driven and flexible enough to handle many situations and once learned is quick to reuse without requiring indepth TCL knowledge.

      Russ Ross

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