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    Chris Arts

    We are using Cloverleaf 5.4.1

    Our first adventure into translating hl7 to xml are the ORU_R01 messages. Compilation of the schema worked fine, but the messages translate with errors, which I cannot comprehend. I fear, all xml errormessages in 5.4.1. are clear as mud.  

    it looks like this:

    [msg :RecF:WARN/0:  chris_xlate:01/31/2008 13:59:22] Warning: Could not insert default values: Error generated during parsing. – No character data is allowed by content model – Line 90, Col 21

    This is what puzzles me: line 90 probably references the output of the xml translation, but then again, according to the schema and also the hl7 notation, we are not using mandatory numerics at all, so why the error?

    Can someone tell me, what I am supposed to be looking for?

    also: are the error description in Cloverleaf 5.5 any better?

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      Charlie Bursell

      If you are just now getting into XML, get used to it.  These are the typical error messages you will see.  This error is not from Cloverleaf but from the Xerces XML parser.  Since a *LARGE* number of XML user software packages use this parser, these are the kinds of errors you will see.

      The error line 90 refers you to the schema.

      I would suggest, if you wll be doing a lot of XML that you get a good XML editor like XML Spy or Oxygen.  If you were to validate your message using the same schema with one of these, you would probably see a similar error message.

      Without having the message and the schema it would be hard to tell more precise where your error is.  As you use XML more it will become easier.  I’m sure you may have had similar problems when you first used HL7.

      Good luck with it.

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      Kevin Kinnell

      A pretty good GPL’d XML tool is XMLCopyEditor” class=”bbcode_url”>

      Windows and GNU/Linux.

      Pros: it’s GPL’d, the development base is active, I haven’t found a major bug, and it’s easy to use.

      Cons: no one to yell at/threaten, the development base is volunteer, there could be a major bug I haven’t run across.

      Caveats: I haven’t used the Windows version; and–it would probably compile under Unix as well as GNU/Linux, but I haven’t done that either.

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