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    Adrian Benson

    Since upgrading to 5.7 (Windows) we have seen this problem several times.  Viewing a site in the IDE, we will see a given process and all of its associated threads showing up as Dead.  Using the command line hciconnstatus -p tells us that the process and threads are down.

    However, in the IDE if you pull up the status screen for an individual thread, it shows that the thread is processing messages and, in fact, our downstream systems are receiving the messages.  So, two questions:

    1.  Why does this happen?

    2. How can it be fixed, preferably without brining all our interfaces down?

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      Michael Hertel

      In my experience, the NetMonitor reads the pid file in the exec directory.

      It does a system status on that pid id.

      If the pid id found is not running in the system status, it will report the process as dead. Likewise, if there is a pid file left behind and that pid is in use by some other entity, the NetMonitor will show the process as alive.

      Check the pid id in the pid file and see what’s happening.

      If this is the only time it has happened to you, I’d shutdown and restart.

      Make sure that when you shut down that you do a system status and make sure no hciuser processes are running before restarting.

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      Todd Lundstedt

      We are on 5.5, and this happens quite frequently, typically on only the smaller sites, and typically only on one site per server.

      We just issue the refresh command on the GUI (Ctrl-R or File-Refresh (I think)).

      That gets all of the threads reporting properly for us.

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      Adrian Benson

      Thanks for responses folks.  Turns out there was no PID for that particular process and there was a DB Vista -921 error besides.  We shut everything down, did the site cleanup and all seems well now.  It just struck me as very odd that messages were being processed even though the process was down and had no PID.

      But ours is not to reason why…

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