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    (v5.5 Windows)


    I have encountered a problem I haven’t seen before (yay!) and it somewhat freaking me out, because I have tried everything I can think of and don’t know where to turn.

    For some reason, all of a sudden (apparently after a scheduled reboot of the physical server 3 days ago), threads don’t seem to respond to ‘normal’ commands.

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      Sam Craig

      Version 5.5 on AIX

      We had a similiar issue with stopping threads from the GUI and had to stop and restart the whole process.

      But, nothing like the many issues you are experiencing.

      I would call support and see if they have any suggestions.

      Have you tried re-initializing all the databases?  I have read on CloverTech that some people have had to do this to their databases.

      But, you have to be careful with Recovery database.  Must be empty before this action or you will lose messages.

      McKesson Support told us to do the “Cloverleaf Cleanup Steps” and reboot.

      We did that last week and have not had any issues since cleanup/reboot.



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      Thanks Sam.

      I have reinitialized the db’s (before) but not in this case as they don’t appear to be having any problems. I guess I could give it a whirl but don’t think it will do anything.

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      Alas, no cigar on the hcidbinit.

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      Well, Support was stumped too…they’ve passed this on to development. I’ll let you know if I find anything out.

      Interestingly enough, from the command line “hcimcd” no longer works (for pstart/pstop, etc) but “hcicmdnt” does.

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      Sam Craig

      Wow!! 😯

      Very strange……

      Hopefully support can get it figured out before holiday.

      Let us know what the final verdict is from support.



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      Well the fine folks from development were finally able to come back with a fix of sorts for our problem. This involved them making some kind of change to the syntax in the file in the bin folder. Exactly what is not clear to me – but it works now so this is good.

      I’ll just need to make a note and keep a copy of this “custom” file somewhere so that I know its out there and have access to the custom version if it should ever get overwritten (upgrade, etc) and this should stop working again.

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