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    Hyo-Chan Lee

    I’ve set an Alert email using tclMail.  

    Every alert sent out an email that I expected.  

    But I’ve realized that a sent time inside email is 7 hours behind than received email time.

    Any one has any idea why?

    I’ve checked all our interfaces servers and they’re all correct time setting.


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      Kevin Kinnell

      You’re sending your email with GMT/UTC/Zulu/whatever instead of your local

      time zone, I’ll bet.  There should be a switch or parameter to tell the sending

      proc what TZ to use, and I’ll bet it defaults to UTC.

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      Hyo-Chan Lee


      What is UTC?

      My timezone is PST. I know GMT which is 8 HOURS AHAED from PST.

      I realized that If my time becomes afternoon then it’s 19 hours behind.

      I use tclMail package I didn’t change anything at all.

      I couldn’t approch your suggestion because I couldn’t find any switches or a time zone setting in the tclMail package.

      Thank you for your suggestion.

      Hyo-Chan Lee

      Sr. Integration Engineer

      Pacific Medical Centers

      Seattle Washington

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      Glenn Friedenreich

      UTC = GMT

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      garry r fisher


      UTC is Coordinated Universal Time and as Glenn says is the same as GMT. UTC actually replaced Greenwich Mean Time on 1 January 1972 (yes, that long ago) as the basis for the main reference time scale or civil time in various regions.

      When referring to timezones you should refer to the offset in terms of UTC to be ‘correct’.



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      Glenn Friedenreich

      also UTC is sometimes referred to as Z, or “Zulu Time”, as in

      1400Z (equivalent 1400 UTC).  See if you want the long story 🙂

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      Kevin Kinnell

      Time zones are such a pain–we ought to all do everything in UTC and forget

      about it.

      Hyo-Chan, you are probably in PDT, right now, which is UTC – 7 hours.  Your

      emails are 7 hours behind your received time because of time zone settings.

      For instance:

      Suppose it’s 1600 PDT, and therefore 2300 UTC.  You send an email, and the

      program generating the email thinks that 1600 on your server means 1600

      UTC, so it subtracts 7 hours.  That puts the times in the email 7 hours behind

      the sent time.

      In your case, it’s more likely to be that the sending server and the receiving

      server have a difference of opinion about what the timestamp is relative to.

      It’s hard to know exactly what is going on without looking at the headers, but

      probably your sending server is not putting a UTC offset on the timestamp and

      the receiving server is converting the PDT time as if it were a UTC time,

      and adding 7 hours to the received time.

      I may have mentioned this: time zones are a pain.


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