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    Shaun Beckman

    I recently started using the code below, which was not

    written by me, and the exact mode is not working as expected.

    The filter is designed to pass results containing specific

    physician codes, but it is also passing results containg codes

    that are similar to those suppplied.

    The args supplied are:  {DRCODES {123|6682|4664|5681}}

    The filter is also passing results with codes like 10123,  

    and 105681.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    We are runing v5.5 rev 1 in a Redhat es4 environment.

    proc filter_nonphysician {args} {

       keylget args MODE mode

       keylget args ARGS uargs

       switch -exact — $mode {

          start {

              return “”


          run {

              set drcodes UNKNOWN  ;# default value

              keylget args MSGID mh

      keylget uargs DRCODES drcodes

      # init – variables

      set pv1_7_1 “”;set pv1_8_1 “”;set pv1_9_1 “”;set pv1_17_1 “”

      set obr_16_1 “”

              # get message

      set msg [split [msgget $mh] r]

      # PV1 Seg – extract Dr codes from pv1 – 7.1,8.1,9.1 & 17.1

      set pv1_loc [lsearch -regexp $msg {^PV1}]

      set pv1_seg [lindex $msg $pv1_loc]

      echo $pv1_seg

      set pv1_7_1 [lindex [split [lindex [split $pv1_seg |] 7] ^] 0]

      set pv1_8_1 [lindex [split [lindex [split $pv1_seg |] 8] ^] 0]

      set pv1_9_1 [lindex [split [lindex [split $pv1_seg |] 9] ^] 0]

      set pv1_17_1 [lindex [split [lindex [split $pv1_seg |] 17] ^] 0]

      set dr_cd_in_msg “${pv1_7_1} ${pv1_8_1} ${pv1_9_1} ${pv1_17_1} “

              # OBR seg – extract Dr codes from obr – 16.1

      set obr_loc [lsearch -regexp $msg {^OBR}]

      set obr_seg [lindex $msg $obr_loc]

      set obr_16_1 [lindex [split [lindex [split $obr_seg |] 16] ^] 0]

      append dr_cd_in_msg $obr_16_1

              # Check if the physician codes are in pv1 7.1,8.1,9.1,17.1 or obr16.1

      # If found continue message else kill message

              if {[regexp $drcodes $dr_cd_in_msg]} {

         echo “Found a Match … continue message”

         echo DR_CD_IN_MSG: $dr_cd_in_msg

         return “{CONTINUE $mh}”

      } else {

         echo “Dr code not in message .. message killed”

         echo “Dr codes in Message: $dr_cd_in_msg”

         echo “Wanted Dr codes : $drcodes”

         return “{KILL $mh}”





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      Charlie Bursell

      Right after ” keylget uargs DRCODES drcodes” add this

      set drcodes “^($drcodes)$”.  Or you could change your arguments.

      You could also do it like:

      set drcodes “\m($drcodes)\M”

      This should delimit what you want.

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      Shaun Beckman

      I went with your second recommendation,

      (set drcodes “\m($drcodes)\M”, and it is

      now working as expected.

      Thanks, Charlie!!!

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      Kevin Kinnell


      What was the ‘-exact’ switch that wasn’t working?

      –kevin (curious) kinnell

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      Shaun Beckman


      This shows my inexperience with Tcl. I thought the exact

      command (switch -exact — $mode) would cause the script

      to search for the args exactly as they were entered.

      Maybe someone else can elaborte on the exact command.

    • #64771
      Kevin Kinnell

      Oh, I get it.  I was fuzzled because there wasn’t any ‘-exact’ toggle in the

      regexp command–I get fuzzled pretty easily.  (The regexp command doesn’t

      have an -exact toggle. 🙄)

      On a switch command, the -exact option just toggles ‘strict’ matching on.

      Charlie has a post here somewhere with some recommendations for learning

      Tcl. You might also try the Tclers Wiki for some pointers.

    • #64772
      Shaun Beckman

      Thanks for the info.

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