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    Tom Arrowsmith

    Can someone please inform me how to check on Tcl callout error (302)? I can see this error in the CL database administrator…

    I was once told that I need to go to the Cloverleaf server somehere to see more precise details on these errors – can someone tell me how?



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      Stephen Mattei

      You can go the command line and enter the following command: hcidbdump -r -f -d -m -c

      You can use either the destination, source, or message ID but all three are not required. The -c give you the context for the error.  

      A listing of errors can be found in the reference guide.

      Have a good day.

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      Tom Rioux

      You can also take the message ID from the hcidbdump and do a grep for it in the process log file.   The log file will usually give you a good explanation of why it is erroring out.


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      Anthony Thompson

      To help future people who find this thread by searching, if the -c flag to hcidbdump for showing context still doesn’t give you enough info, you can use something like


      hcidbdump -e -m 1213239 /path/to/some/tempfile

      to save the message which caused the error to /path/to/some/tempfile, then use the Testing Tool -> TPS to test the Tcl code with that HL7 message as the input.

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      Paul Bishop

      I have seen with I believe version 6.0 and higher (we’re on 6.1) that the hcidbdump details doesn’t list everything and you have to go to the process log to find the full detail of the errors. For example, for this 304 error I see this on the hcidbdump -e -c:

      ‘Fetch failure on ‘{IF data fetch produced multiple…’ error in ‘XLATE EpicAxx_CipherAxx.xlt’ under ‘ADT_A01’ to ‘t_cipher_adt_f t_


      to see the full error you then check the process log:

      [xlt :xlat:ERR /0: cipher_xlate:01/31/2016 22:29:58] [0.0.356110485] Xlate ‘EpicAxx_CipherAxx.xlt’ failed: Fetch failure on ‘{IF dat

      a fetch produced multiple values.}’

      [xlt :rout:ERR /0: cipher_xlate:01/31/2016 22:29:58] Xlate error in route detail ‘XLATE EpicAxx_CipherAxx.xlt’ under Trxid ‘ADT_A08’

      to Dest ‘t_cipher_adt_f t_cipher_adt_tv’

      Even then you need to most likely go through the test utility to figure out which statement is causing problems.  A similar thing would need to be done for the 302 errors.

      Paul Bishop
      Carle Foundation Hospital
      Urbana, IL

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