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    Alka Sharma

    We have successfully upgraded Cloverleaf from 5.3 to 5.6 (windows). We have three sites prod1 , prod2, and prod3. Prod 1 being the heaviest in volume. I am using the new recover 56 procs .  I do not have send_ok, kill_ob_save  procs in my outbound thread. I am using the automatic resend feature of 5.6.

    We are using an altered check_ack_new proc. I have also changed

    set my_mh $ob_save

    Replaced it with this:

    keylget args OBMSGID my_mh

    Our institution does not want the message to go to Error database if AR or CR is received. So we have modified the check ack and deleted the line to increment the counter. This way, if we get an AR or CR, the message will fall in the else statement of the code and engine will proto the message.

    After talking to quovadx support, I was told to use the recover 56 check ack. But once again, I had to alter the check ack to remove the If.

    Both tcl procs attached.  

    I keep getting a State 16 in prod 1 on a thread which has the tendency to disconnect and reconnect sporadically.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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      Charlie Bursell

      You will get yourself into a loop you cannot recover from.  The resending of AR/CR for 3 times is mostly eyewash as once you get an AR on a message chances are you will get it with the resend.  Since you have no method of getting rid of that message you could be there for hours resending the same message over and over.

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