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    Tim Wanner

    Has anyone else encountered issues with the month end process STAR initiates on the last day of the month?  One of our facilies sends out ~10,000 A08’s and A03’s from 12:00 to 00:45.  We send those to roughly 25 other downstream apps.  Ultimatley Cloverleaf is flooded causing around 1.5 to 2 hour delays to some critical apps.

    The obvious solution is for STAR to batch the output, but I was wondering if any Clovertechers had developed a way to “throttle” the month end process.


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      David Barr

      Yes, we have this problem as well, and we’re trying to figure out how to handle it.

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      Alice Kazin

      Some Star users have a separate interface line for the flood.  We do not have the separate line.  We have our line from Star in one site and we send the messages to 3 other sites via local host connections in order to spread out the work among 4 sites. We get approximately 15,000 additional messages on flood night and we have 31 outbound ADT interfaces.

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      Tim Wanner

      The STAR team is pursuing this method.  Thanks for your responses.


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      Subject: RE: Series Patient Auto Discharge/Readmit at End of Month


      There’s a fairly common customization to the series discharge/re-reg

      process you can request that pauses the process every so often for a few

      seconds to let other transactions (such as orders and new registrations)

      go through.  We have it here.

      I don’t remember the specifics (how often the process pauses or how long

      it waits) but its impact on the issue you describe was significant.  It

      will cost you – at least it cost us when we requested it in 2005 – but

      it’s worth it.

      Jim Beall, Sr. Programmer Analyst

      Columbus Regional Hospital

      Columbus, Indiana

      (812) 376-5018

      P Please consider the environment before printing this email

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      Craig Weldy



         We too requested and paid for this enhancement. While we where at it however, we had them give us a screen that allows us to modify the number of messages to pass before it pauses to let live data through as well as how many seconds to pause before continuing with the month end discharge/readmits.  This way we could tweek it so that it was the most efficient for our system.  

          Since putting it in, we have not had a single complaint of delayed live data.

          It was well worth the cost.

      Craig Weldy
      Senior Interface Analyst
      Beacon Health System
      South Bend, In, 46615

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