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    Susan Whitaker

    We are a Siemens Invision site that is migrating to Siemen’s Soarian. We are Cloverleaf v5.4 running on AIX. If you have or are in the process of going to Soarian would you be willing to discuss with us your experience with integrating with the product.

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      Glenn Friedenreich

      Hi Susan – We’re in the early stages of migrating to Soarian.  We just got our test ADT feed from Soarian running yesterday.  

      I’ll be glad to talk with you – my work # is 302-327-3947.

      Are you going to the Cloverleaf conference next week?  If so, we could discuss there.

      – Glenn

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      Susan Whitaker

      Thanks Glen,

      I will not be attending the conference, but I will call you.

      It is nice to know someone who is using Cloverleaf to implement Soarian.


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      Todd Lundstedt

      We are an ICO Invision shop converting to Soarian, too.  We have completed the conversion to Soarian Clinicals (SC), and we are just now starting Soarian Financials (SF) and Scheduling.

      For the conversion to Soarian Clinicals, we used Openlink (Invision to Cloverleaf, raw route to Openlink) and customized Siemens’ model interfaces.

      We have made the decision to not implement any more interface code in Openlink, so we are building all of our ADT interfaces in Cloverleaf.  Eventually, we will  move our order/results code from Openlink to Cloverleaf.

      To date, I don’t believe we have received a good ADT record from the test SF system to begin our coding.  There are still many questions surrounding the conversion from using MRN and Patient Account Numbers in Invision to using MRN, Encounter numbers, and Encounter Common Data numbers in SF.  Being a multi-campus medical center, we also have yet to figure out how to associate charges to the correct campus when we have inter-campus transfers, but those are more of an application primary responsibility than one for us interface coders.


      I will be a the conference next week.  We should definately meet.  I will PM you my cell number as a contact for next week.

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      Mason Miller

      I know this was posted a few months ago but We are live on Soarian Clinicals and Soarian Finacials We are using the ECD number as our patient number to our other systems I know this was a major issue for us but we have been live since April, 08.

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