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    Amol Kulkarni

    I am trying to setup as a listener on the clover leaf engine.

    We are using appc, LU62 protocol,

    After defining the symbolic name and the listener properties, i start the process only to find the thread in an opening state.

    The CICS, VTAM and the AIX SNA note that the connection has been acquired.

    Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong. I do have the debug enabled full. I do not see any clues in the debug.

    Thank you all in advance for any suggestions and or direction.

    The sending system is Siemans (eagle).

    Amol Kulkarni

    Mount Sinai Medical Center


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      Jim Kosloskey


      A lot of the mainframe software that was written long ago (not so much recently written software) only connected when there was data ready to go and then disconnected. So in Cloverleaf(R) we would see ‘opening’, ‘up’, ‘down’ status cycling.

      The down is because the client severs the SNA conversation which cause Cloverleaf (R)to go to a temporary ‘down’ state until it tries to restart the conversation.

      That can happen (Cloverleaf(R) starting the conversation even though it is the ‘server’) because this si an independent LU meaning either partner can initiate a conversation.

      If there are messages to go on the mainframe side but no conversation has started, have the mainframe guys assure the mainframe app is attempting to start a conversation.

      By the way in today’s mainframe world it is no longer necessary to write SNA communications the way some of these old systerms are written.

      There is probably also a specific acknowledgment protocol that needs to be followed. Sometimes at the start of a conversation, the ‘server’ is required to respond at an application level that the ‘open’ has been accepted.

      Of course, it is always possible some parameter(s) in the VTAM (mainframe) and Comm Server (AIX side) is/aren’t in synch.


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      Mary Kobis

      Opening is Normal. Up when something goes through, Down when it deallocates and then back to Opening. Just like Jim explained it. Sometimes it happens so fast you can’t see it on the monitor.

      We have the old Siemens INVISION product.


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      Amol Kulkarni

      We were finally able to get our Eagle system to write out to the cloverleaf engine a message, except it is in EBCDIC format. Is there a table that I should have in place to convert the EBCDIC format to ASCII for the engine to translate. Is there a proc that I should be using?

      Jim and Mary, thank you for your earlier response, the thread behaves as you indicate below.

      Thank to all in advance.


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      Charlie Bursell

      hcitpstblconvert {TABLENAME ibm_a2e}

      You may have to change ibm_a2e to hci_a2e if all of the conversions do not come out correctly

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