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    Cesar Ruiz

    We are looking to change our current sms invision communication protocol to cloverleaf from sna to tcpip.  

    Have any of you done this at your places ?

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      James Cobane


      To my knowledge, INVISION cannot be configured to communicate via TCP/IP (wouldn’t it be nice!).  The TIF/RTIF interfaces are built around the SNA configuration/architecture.  If this has changed, it would be a welcome step to making our lives easier.

      Good Luck!

      Jim Cobane

      Henry Ford Health

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      Russ Ross

      Many years ago I asked SMS if this could be done and of course it can but they told me it would never happend.

      Fortunately, we got some relief when we figured out how to switch from SNA over token ring to SNA over ethernet.

      Now we have SNA over ether channel working but too early to tell how that is going to hold up plus still a headache to get working.

      I do have a homegrown UPOC TCP/IP to the SMS mainframe for other applications, proving it is posible for SMS to do the same.

      Also Jim Kosloskey has finally broken thru resistance and got people around here to allow him to do our first LU3 printer emulation to Cloverleaf, which James Cobane is well aware since that was done at Oakwood where both of them previously worked.

      The one good thing to consider about the SNA protocol is that it gives you a very strong argument to use an AIX box to run Cloverleaf on, which is the best choice I’m aware of but is not the cheapest choice.

      As far as I now AIX is the only platform that supports the SNA protocol in Cloverleaf probably because SNA is IBM’s prodigy.

      If that is not true, I would like to be educated as to what other platforms Cloverleaf will run on that will support the SNA protocol, in particular does Red Hat do it because there is a push here to make Red Hat the standard UNIX platform at MDACC.

      Since I’ve read Max Drown’s post about successfully switching from AIX to Red Hat LINUX I’m realizing Red Hat is a viable alternate that costs less; however, the SNA issue might be preventing us from considering Red Hat.

      If you or anyone else find out it is now possible for SMS/Invision to interface to Cloverleaf via TCP/IP, I would also be very interested.

      I have also found SNA to be much more time consuming to make work than TCP/IP when moving to a new server.

      Russ Ross

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