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    Joe Baranski

    We upgraded to CIS19.1 last year and thus switched to SMATdb. We’re loving it, but one thing we’ve noticed, especially on newer outbound threads, is that the message displayed in the Content tab doesn’t seem to recognize linefeeds but only on the outbound not inbound. When viewing an outbound message it usually looks like a single line of text, or it may (arbitrarily?) recognize a linefeed. When looking at the Encoding and Format on inbound, the Scheme is “EBCDIC use alternate mapping” with a Format of “CR->NL” while the outbound Format is “None”. If I change the Encoding format or Scheme to anything the message now looks like nothing but @ symbols, boxes and other various non-text characters. The only way I’ve found to get legible text back is to switch to “ASCII no encoding is performed”, and if we want the message to properly show new lines, then change the Format to “CR->NL”. Anything else jumbles up the message and you can’t read any of it.

    Is there a global setting somewhere to make this more standardized or are we looking in the wrong place? It makes basic troubleshooting very difficult to have to copy-paste the message into a basic text editor just to read a formatted messages. We primarily use pdl:tcpip PROTOCOL for our threads.


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