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    Tim Pancost

    Hey, all,  we’re on 6.2.3 here and trying to use the new “Messages routed to this connection treated as inbound” feature within the thread properties.  This is the full setup:

    Original inbound thread, call it thread1, is in siteA.  Due to volume concerns, we do not want to use SMAT here.  Besides, we can always resend from the sending system(we control it).  

    Thread1 then static/raw routes the messages to many destination threads which live in other sites.  Since they are destination threads, there is no opportunity to write to SMAT from them.

    The corresponding public threads , example thread2, are then set up with the “Messages routed to this connection treated as inbound”, so that we can then route to the various outbound systems.

    What we have found is that the messages processed by thread2 are never put in a SMAT file, whether defining an inbound one, an outbound one, or both.

    Has anyone else run across this, and what have you done to remedy it?  Our guess is that using the “treated as inbound” feature means that the message is never in a place in the engine where the message is traditionally written to SMAT. For instance, for a TCP/IP connection, immediately after being read/written from/to the port.  Since it’s the public end of a destination/public pair, by default it’s expecting to be written to a port.  But with the “treated as inbound” checked, this doesn’t happen, nor is it read off a port, as the message is just internally OVER’d and put on the IB_TPS queue.

    Thoughts are appreciated,


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