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    Darren Tomlinson

    if i want to view SMAT files without cycling them, i stop the thread and open up the SMAT file for viewing.  When i start the thread back up, the file does not get written to anymore.  any ideas why not?  (the SMAT file in question is an outbound one by the way)

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      David Harrison

      Do you still have the file open for viewing when you restart the thread? On Windows this could lock the file. I find the best way to view SMAT files is to copy them and open up the copy for viewing.

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      Beth Palmateer

      Hi Darren-

      We discovered this problem when we were on version 5.4.1.  I don’t know why it happens, but even when we stopped a thread, opened the SMAT file, then closed completely out of SMAT and waited 30 seconds before starting the thread back up, it still stopped writing files to SMAT.  The workaround for us was to stop the thread and then copy the .idx and .msg files to a temp file, then start the thread back up.  This ended up working better for us because we could have the temp file open for as long as we needed without worrying about a thread being down.

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      Darren Tomlinson

      thanks.  we are upgrading from 5.3 to 5.5, so hopefully that’ll fix some bugs.  The only way i found that worked before was cycling the file, but i didn’t necessarily want to overwrite the “.old” everytime from the last time i cycled it.

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      Kevin Scantlan

      What OS and what level are you on?

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      Darren Tomlinson

      AIX 5.2 and Cloverleaf 5.3

      will be upgrading to Linux and 5.5 soon.  hopefully that will fix many of the other bugs that i run across.

      Note: The cycling the thread works, but i do not like having to stop the live log and overwrite the old log.

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