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    Bob Schmid

    I believe the SMAT criterion used to work in an AND relationship when using > 1 “Select Message” criterion. Ie Want all messages Sending date From:

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      Tom Rioux

      Hi Robert,

      I attempted to replicate your issue in my test environment.  What I did I used a SMAT file that contained both ORU and ORM messages.  (Keep in mind I used a very small file).   I searched a sampling of messages between the following times:

      12/29/2008 9:47:52 until 12/29/2008 10:42:09

      I searched for only ORU messages.  I had two ORU messages in file between those times.  One would have been the first message and the other would have been the last message within that time frame.  These two ORU messages sandwiched some ORM messages.  When I did the search based on date/time and ORU.*R01 (or ORU^R01), it returned only those ORU.

      Consequently, I also did the same for the ORM messages and only the ORM messages were returned.  We are also on the same version you are on and it appears that our SMAT is working fine.

      Sorry I couldnt have been more help….

      Tom Rioux

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      Bob Schmid

      I suspect it is a special set of criterion that may be causing this.

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      Bob Schmid

      Smat file of 130 messages.

      Search the file just using the regexp “Include Those: KUNCHI”

      I get 3 hits

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      Jim Kosloskey


      Sometimes I have accomplished what I need by getting a view that contains more than I want but every possible message, then remove from that view those that I do not want (via the selection arguments), leaving a view that only contains what I want.

      So I get a superset and then remove subsets until I get the set I want.

      I have rarely attempted to use multiple selection criteria together for one view.


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      Bob Schmid


      Thanks for the input. That will be  my approach for now.

      As much as the SMAT tool is used by us to dx issues…..there are several additional improvement/fixes that I hope are addressed…in 5.7 rev1 and beyond.

      1. – Indiana regional conf 2009 suggestion – allow for multiple instances

           – response was “we could do problem”

      2. like in “ye TK days of old”

          a. “remember” filter criterion between views (so dont have to re-type it in)

          b. fix the criterion to work in an “and” relationship as intended

          c. support date pneumonics like yesterday today…in the sending date criterion

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      James Cobane


      I echo your requests regarding SMAT, and like Jim K. I pull in more than what’s needed and start weeding out from there.  But for a couple of work-arounds:

      a) To invoke multiple instances, simply fire-up another IDE.

      b) For the retention of the criteria, I do the old copy & paste using an open session of notepad along with the SMAT.

      Jim Cobane

      Henry Ford Health

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