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    Jerry Magrann

    I’m not sure if this is possible, but here goes:

    I have an Xlate with several procs in the pre and several in the post procs. Based on certain conditions of a message, I am creating a new / 2nd message in the pre-procs, but will need that message to skip the 1st proc in the post-proc after the xlate but still pass through the other procs in the post-proc of the Xlate.

    Because of the nature of the size and functions performed by the one proc, I don’t want to modify it, so is there a way to skip over the proc in the post-procs of an Xlate?

    Thanks in Advance!

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      Russ Ross

      Very interesting challenge.

      This sounds a bit familiar and I may of done something similar in the past using 2 different approaches.

      One approach was to set the user metadata of the message to values that told the downstream post xlate procs if they should do anything.

      Since you don’t want to modify your down stream procs that approach is out.

      Another approach would be to figure out how to create a duplicate route where route_1 has all the post xlate procs and route_2 has the 1’st xlate post proc you want to skip removed from the stack.

      This approach would allow you to not have to modfy your procs but will leave you with the challenge to figure out if this is doable for your situation.

      Here are a couple of hints that might help with the duplicate routing approach.

      HINT 1: kill the second message for either route_1 or route_2 such that you acheive the desired outcome and assure messages go thru the desired route and not both routes.

      HINT 2: use a trxID proc to cause the message to go down one of the 2 possible routes based on message content similar to the way you determine if message 2 needs to be created.

      Russ Ross

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