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    garry r fisher


    Cloverleaf currently supports FTPS which is FTP over SSL. I have a requirement for SFTP which is FTP over SSH. I have spoken to Quovadx and they currently have no intention of adding this functionality/protocol to Cloverleaf and suggested that I looked at scripting it.

    So the question is has anyone any experience of SFTP in Cloverleaf and are you willing to share it?

    I will be doing my own research but I would be interested in anything anyone else has done.



    EDIT _ Found one post on the forum but would still be interested to hear from others.

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      Glenn Friedenreich

      Hi Garry – We have several SFTP batch interfaces in production (Cloverleaf 5.5 on AIX).  

      We installed the Open SSH package on our AIX box to get SFTP capability.

      We do the actual file transfers external to Cloverleaf via KSH scripts that first call ‘Expect’ scripts to do the actual SFTP login/password/get/put. Once the transfer is  complete, if it is an inbound transfer, our KSH script then runs the engine to do any needed translation, filtering, routing, etc of the received file.

      – Glenn

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      garry r fisher


      One thing I forgot to mention is that the Cloverleaf server is W2003. The various examples all appear to be AIX. Has anyone connected Cloverleaf on W2003 to a SFTP server?



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      Kevin Scantlan

      We also have OPENSSH installed and user KSH scripts.  You cannot use a password in the script like you could in the old FTP.  It will prompt you for the password.  Instead we use a public/private key and share the public key.  When using that, a password is not required.

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      Bob Schmid

      we are still being prompted for the password of the user on the server.

      We added the public to the authorized_keys file in /home/hci/.ssh

      still getting prompted for gofish

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      David Barr


      Make sure that your private key file is read protected (chmod 600) and that your .ssh directory is write protected (chmod 700 or chmod 755) and that your home directory is write protected (chmod 755).  You might need to edit the site sshd_config file to allow public key authentication.  If that doesn’t work, you can try running the client in debug mode (ssh -v) and see if there are any errors.  Sometimes, I’ve had to run the server in debug mode, usually on an alternate port so it doesn’t interfere with the main server.

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      Russ Davis


      Thanks for the reply David (working with Robert).. we got the ssh working, problem WAS the permissions.

      Also attempting to get to SSH from windows xp using PUTTY as client.

      Currently getting “Server refused our key”.  Checked all permissions.

      Just getting familiar with Putty, however.   Wondering if the problem is occuring from when the key pair is generated (creating ssh2-dsa).

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      David Barr

      I’m not exactly sure what this key problem is.  I saw a lot of articles related to your error message when I did a Google search.  Did you find anything there that helps?

      One thing that you can try is generating your key either on the server with ssh-keygen or on the client side with puttygen.  I saw that the Putty developers are recommending the use of RSA keys instead of DSA keys.

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