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    w gillen

    We are getting ready for a go live and our vendor is asking if we can send a single message, from a que of messages, to them.  They will verify the message, then ask if we will send another and so on.

    Even if we could send a small controlled batch of messages would be helpful.

    I read from a previous topic thread about delaying messages using some tcl script.

    Any suggestions?


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      Kevin Kinnell

      If you can send via hcicmd you’ll have complete and fine-grained control.  If you

      need live data it’s a bit of a problem.

      Are they wanting live messages one at a time, or do they want live messages throttled

      to a low rate, or can they take faux “live” messages?  Is the system generating

      the messages under your control?  (One thing we do is stop the sending system

      from sending anything for a little while, usually by telling everyone “don’t enter/send/use

      this system until we say it’s ok.  Ah, the power!  P’fui.)

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      Richard Hart

      If we are requested to perform something like this, we ensure that no more messages can enter the site and that all messages are queued on the outbound thread that is on hold (phold_obd).

      We …

         save the messages in case the test fails; and

         execute a ‘release’ (prls_obd); and

         execute a ‘hold’ (phold_obd).

      We generally scripted this with a one second delay between the release and hold and referred to this as a ‘blip’.

      If the messages failed, we would clear the site and reload (hcicmd) from our saved file.

      We found that, depending on a lot of things, from 1 to 20 message could be sent.

      If you are after exact control, then, with a similar setup to the above, you can save the messages and clear them from the database.  Grab the first ‘n’ messages and use the hcicmd command to send them. Note that if all is OK, you’ll need to remove the first ‘n’ from your main list before these are sent.

      Note you’ll need to send them as outbound data!

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      Russ Ross

      Take a look at URL” class=”bbcode_url”>

      I have also used hcitcptest to send message(s) in an on demand very granualar fashion with great success.

      Russ Ross

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      Kevin Kinnell

      Russ Ross wrote:

      …I have also used hcitcptest to send message(s) in an on demand very granualar fashion with great success.

      Duh!  That never even occurred to me.  I’m going to have to try that.


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      Russ Ross

      Here are a couple of clovertech posts where I have talked about using hcitcptest and one shows an example of how to sent just one message using a script to save on typing and forgetfull memory in my case.

      Russ Ross

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