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    Brian Sweetland

    <pre>I have a customer site where they recently did a reboot. I have a powershell script to start 4 Cloverleaf sites/processes that runs as a scheduled task at startup.
    Never had an issue with the startup script before until a few days ago I got email alerts from each site saying processes were down. Each email alert is about 20 seconds apart.

    When I look at the windows event viewer, I see the server startup, then my script kicks off and I see all the normal HCI startup things.
    I get to a few lines where the EV shows this INFO line
    HCIROOT: C:/gehc-it/ccg/quovadx/cis6.2/integrator
    HCISITE: _jtm
    _hiconitord_process started

    Next line in EV is a WARNING
    HCIROOT: C:/gehc-it/ccg/quovadx/cis6.2/integrator
    HCISITE: _jtm
    Alert Triggered: mdstatus 0

    This exact same thing repeats for my next 3 sites, about 20 seconds apart, where I see the “Started” then the “Alert Warning”.
    I also see the mdstatus in each hcimonitord.log

    I never see the line in EV where it says each thread started.
    Then, exactly 5 minutes later the Alert fires telling me the process has been down for 5 minutes. Repeats exactly 5 minutes for each site. I see this in the EV and the alerts.log.

    This mdstatus message is consistent when manually opening Network Monitor in the UI, but I’m not sure why this is happening at startup and if this could have any affect on my threads/process not starting causing the alerts.
    Something is happening after that EV line that shows the warning about the mdstatus where my threads/processes never start.
    I cannot reproduce this on my dev system.

    One other ?
    I noticed that I have a site that is not live, and I do not start the Monitor Daemon. But when I open the site in the UI, this seems to automatically start the Monitor Daemon (Task manager has a new hcimonitord.exe) and the PID file matches Task Manager.
    Can this be configured to turn this off?

    Thanks in advance.</pre>

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