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    Mark Perschbacher

    We have a single inbound ORU feed from one of our hosts, and I am using a trix id to route them out to their respective recieving hosts.  The trix id’s are set up in the Netconfig, thread properties, route messages.  The ORU is routed based on MSH-6 value.  I would like to start using OBR-16, but the reality of this would require us to create hundreds of route message config’s.  Does anybody have a different approach that might work?

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      Tom Rioux

      Can an ordering provider get routed to different receiving hosts or are they basically sent to the same host?  Maybe one suggestion is to break them down into groups.  We do something similar on a smaller scale with ADT message types.  We break them down into groups and route by “ADTA”, “ADTB”, and so on.

      Hope this is helpful…

      Tom Rioux

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      John Hamilton

      How about using a table. You could do a lookup into the table.

      And return a vaule say the thread name you want to send it.

      You would need to crate a UPOC to do the trxid lookup.

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      Mark Perschbacher

      Thomas, currently any provider can be sent to any host since we are routing by the location

      John, that is a possiblity.  I have never created a table with more than about fifty entries.  My guess is that I would need to have two or three hundred to make this work.

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      Kevin Kinnell

      We have a table to map transcription system document types to ERM doc types with over 800 entries–it’s a pain to maintain (I use an external editor) BUT it works and is fast.   It was initially created with a small Perl script that turned a csv file into a cloverleaf (5.3) table file.

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