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    Femina Jaffer

    Hello folks:

    Could anyone please tell me what the best practice for resending messages from the databases are?  We realized from a recent downtime we did not send our OB results back to an ob inteface.  

    What we normally have done in the past is save it to all in one file by source and then resend the file via command line.  However, the question comes up on what if a result is modified (e.g. pending and final) will it be overwritten by the resend?  It is safer to resend via state or resend in one file in chronological order?  How can we ensure we did not miss a transaction, is there a log file we can capture?

    Anyone who has any advice regarding resend downtime procedures, would be very helpful to us.  Please advice or send.

    Thank you,


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      Russ Ross

      Years ago I too was perplexed about how resending from the revoery database was risky business.

      If you do continue to export the messages from the recovery DB to a file for resend be aware they don’t put them in the file in chronological order unless you use the command line switch specifying chronological order.

      We use a homegrown method of mock and resend interfaces for granualar control of resending messages.

      There is a brief description of my homegrown solution at this URL:

          <a href="; class=”bbcode_url”>;

      This method can also be very useful for testing your interface objects in PROD before going live and having it turned on and ready on your time frame.

      Then at go live flipping the switch is a simple IP cahnge from localhost to the outbound foreign system.

      Russ Ross

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      Femina Jaffer

      Thank you Ross for your response.  I will check out your homegrown tools for tips.

      Thanks again.


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