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    Joseph Benigno

    We have run into an issue with rescheduled orders between Imagecast and Eclipsys.  The issue is that when Imagecast reschedules an order the same accession/order number is being used for the “new” order.  Eclipsys can’t handle using the same accession/order number.  Here is the order of things:

    1)  New order is placed – a “NW” order transaction is sent

    2)  Order is rescheduled in Imagecast – 2 transactions are sent: a “CA”

    order transaction (cancelling the original order) and a “NW” order transaction (containing the new date/time).

    The second “NW” has the same accession number as the first.  So what happens on Eclipsys is the first order is cancelled and the second “NW” transaction errors out because of the duplicate accession number.

    We have been told that it is possible for Imagecast to send a single “rescheduled” transaction, but unfortunately Eclipsys can’t handle that either.

    We were just curious if anyone has encountered this same issue either with these two systems or any other systems.


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      Jim Kosloskey


      I have never dealt with either of the systems you mention.

      However if the single rescheduled message contains sufficient data, it might be possible for you to construct two messages to the receiving systems accomplishing the desired outcome.

      That would of course depend on the inbound rescheduled message containing a new accession number (along with the old).

      Assuming the sending system can be altered or configured to provide both numbers, then I would propose that the Trading Partners (the sending system and your organization) agree to have the accession number field repeat if there is no other proper field to place that number.

      What I propose can easily be accomplished in an Xlate given all of the data required is provided in the sent message.

      Jim Kosloskey


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