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    Cynthia Briscoe

    I have a vendor who is sending data in a sub-subfield (tilde separated) that I have tried to write a translation to remove. Instead of removing the sub- subfield it removes the item before it.

    Here is how the segment looks:

    FT1|1|10||200910020850|200909300047|CH|36080023^TR LAP CHOLE^HL70132~50267^TR LAP CHOLE^HL70132|TR LAP CHOLE|TR LAP CHOLE|1|||0204420^^HL70049|||^^^M10||IP|||||2

    I am trying to remove the ~50267.

    I tried this in my xlate

    = >{0(0).FT1(0).00361.[2].[1]}

    When tested it removes everything in field 7 but the tilde and the number in this sub-subfield.

    I do not know the correct format for dealing with sub-subfields.  I know for just a subfield you utilize brackets [ but not sure what to use for sub-subfields.

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      Rob Parnell

      The tilde is actually a repeating field identifier not a sub field delimiter.  You can set the field to not repeat in the variant

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      Robert Milfajt

      What Rob said, but it appears this is actually a repeating field to the vendor.  If that is the case, and you want to remove the second repeat altogether, I would iterate over the repeats and null out all subfields after the first iterate.

      Robert Milfajt
      Northwestern Medicine
      Chicago, IL

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      Charlie Bursell

      The simpliest method

      PATHCOPY @null => FT1.#7(1)

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      Cynthia Briscoe

      How do you set a FIELD to be non repeating.  In the version of cloverleaf that we have the only thing you can configure in the variant tool to be repeating or optional are segments not fields.

      For the xlate what would be the basis for the interate.  I made it a field but do not know what to put in basis.  It is part of the group numbered 1 but when I use this it does not work.

      I get the following error messages in the testing tool:

      0:TEST] Unable to get iteration basis address ‘1’.

      [0:TEST] Unable to compile XLT ‘DFT_SURG.xlt’.

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      Cynthia Briscoe

      I tried the path copy method and it worked!  Thank you

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