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    Tom Tobias

    I am running QDX5.4.1 on a HPUX platform (11i) and utilizing the GUI on my Windows XP laptop. During normal day to day operations, I have no problems. Recently, I have received a few “normal” calls at night where I have to work from home. Normally, I connect to my laptop at work via PCAnywhere, but due to some difficulties have utilized the remote desktop function the last 3 times. Everything seems to work fine, but if I leave the Netmonitor screen up with an auto update status screen for an individual thread, I have had it lock up. When I go to command line, I find that the monitor daemon has stopped. This has only happened while using RDP and never any other time. I restart the monitor daemon and it will work again for about 20 – 30 minutes and then the daemon stops again.

    Does anybody else have experience with this? With PCA, I can let it run for hours with no problems. I am connecting through a VPN from home directly to the hospital.

    Tom Tobias

    Interface Engineer

    Mercy Health System

    Janesville, WI

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      I have experienced this as well. The problem seems to be fixed in 5.6 and maybe in earlier releases.

      -- Max Drown (Infor)

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      Russ Ross

      My experience using windows XP remote desktop thru a VPN to run QDX 5.2.1P2 IDE has been more than I can tolerate, too.

      I ended up installing the QDX client on my home PC and running the IDE localy while logged into the VPN with acceptable performance.

      I have been smiling with what I’ve seen with QDX 5.6 rev1 while using it thru our Nortel VPN with remote desktop.

      It is too early to be conclusive but there is no doubt QDX 5.6 rev1 already performs much much better when running the IDE via remote desktop thru our VPN.

      Russ Ross

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