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    Pete Gilbert

    We are running Cloverleaf 5.5rev1 on AIX 5.2. We sometimes reload tclprocs in a thread, and sometimes in a process. We have noticed the following:

    [cmd :cmd :INFO/0:sxciatst_from_hq_cmd:10/17/2007 12:11:10] Received command: ‘to_cbord,sxciatst_from_hq_xlate reload Diet_CBORD_510_A05_Filter’

    [cmd :cmd :INFO/0:sxciatst_from_hq_xlate:10/17/2007 12:11:11] Doing ‘reload’ command with args ‘Diet_CBORD_510_A05_Filter’

    [cmd :cmd :INFO/0:sxciatst_from_hq_cmd:10/17/2007 12:11:11] Receiving a command

    [cmd :cmd :INFO/0:sxciatst_from_hq_cmd:10/17/2007 12:11:11] Command client went away.  Closing connection.

    [cmd :cmd :INFO/0:sxciatst_from_hq_cmd:10/17/2007 12:13:36] Receiving a command

    [cmd :cmd :INFO/0:sxciatst_from_hq_cmd:10/17/2007 12:13:36] Receiving a command

    [cmd :cmd :INFO/0:sxciatst_from_hq_cmd:10/17/2007 12:13:36] Received command: ‘to_ocf_orm_m2int,to_ocf_oru_m2int,from_profile_m3int,from_pyxis_bill,to_bedtracking,to_chartscript,from_ie7iaint,to_ocf_adt_m2mck,from_heartlab,to_focus,to_ocf_orm_m2mck,to_ocf_oru_m2mck,from_lanier,from_millennium,to_ecare_mgr_lab,to_ocf_adt_m3int,from_ocf_pyxis_m2mck,to_millennium,to_lanier,from_ocf_pyxis,to_ocf_orm_m3int,to_cbord,to_ocf_oru_m3int,from_millennium_mock,to_ecare_mgr_adt,from_ocf_adt_m2int,to_lablink,from_ocf_orm_m2int,from_ocf_prof_bill_m2mck,to_intellidesk,from_profile_m2int,to_ecare_mgr_rde,to_ocf_pyxis,from_millennium_upg,from_ocf_adt_m2mck,to_ocf_pyxis_m2mck,to_millennium_upg,from_ocf_orm_m2mck,to_millennium_mock,from_chartscript,to_pyxis_ord,to_plue,to_pyxis_adt,from_ocf_prof_bill,from_profile_m2mck,to_ie7iaint,to_hq_drop,to_heartlab,from_ocf_adt_m3int,from_ocf_orm_m3int,to_prof_bill,to_ocf_adt_m2int,to_healthscribe,sxciatst_from_hq_xlate reload Diet_CBORD_510_A04_Preprocessor’

    [cmd :cmd :WARN/0:sxciatst_from_hq_cmd:10/17/2007 12:13:36] Thread is unknown ‘to_ocf_orm_m2int’

    [cmd :cmd :WARN/0:sxciatst_from_hq_cmd:10/17/2007 12:13:36] Bad thread-spec ‘to_ocf_orm_m2int’ for cmd ‘reload’

    In the first instance, I was able to reload the proc successfully on the thread, but when I attempted to reload the proc for the process, the gui seems to build the list of threads incorrectly. The thread to_ocf_orm_m2int is not in the sxciatst_from_hq process. Is there some workaround, other than not using the GUI?

    Here is a list of threads and processes in this site:

    $ hciconnsort

    Process         Connection      State      Proto Status    When                

    radnet          from_ocf_prof_b up         up              Sat Sep 29 13:36:25

    radnet          from_ocf_prof_b up         up              Sat Sep 29 13:36:28

    radnet          to_prof_bill    up         ineof           Sat Sep 29 13:36:27

    sxciatst_from_h from_ie7iaint   up         up              Sat Sep 29 12:56:24

    sxciatst_from_h to_bedtracking  down       down            Mon Oct 01 12:03:20

    sxciatst_from_h to_cbord        up         up              Sat Sep 29 12:56:08

    sxciatst_from_h to_chartscript  up         opening         Sat Sep 29 12:56:22

    sxciatst_from_h to_ecare_mgr_ad up         up              Thu Oct 11 07:59:28

    sxciatst_from_h to_focus        down       down            Wed Dec 31 18:00:00

    sxciatst_from_h to_healthscribe up         up              Sat Sep 29 12:56:28

    sxciatst_from_h to_heartlab     up         up              Sat Sep 29 12:56:09

    sxciatst_from_h to_intellidesk  down       down            Mon Oct 01 12:03:23

    sxciatst_from_h to_millennium   up         up              Sat Sep 29 12:56:26

    sxciatst_from_h to_millennium_m down       down            Mon Oct 01 12:03:45

    sxciatst_from_h to_millennium_u down       down            Mon Oct 01 12:03:36

    sxciatst_from_h to_ocf_adt_m2in down       down            Tue Oct 16 13:41:20

    sxciatst_from_h to_ocf_adt_m2mc up         up              Sat Sep 29 12:56:15

    sxciatst_from_h to_ocf_adt_m3in up         up              Sat Sep 29 12:56:14

    sxciatst_from_h to_pyxis_adt    down       down            Mon Oct 01 12:03:17

    sxciatst_ocf    from_chartscrip up         opening         Fri Oct 05 13:05:47

    sxciatst_ocf    from_heartlab   down       down            Wed Dec 31 18:00:00

    sxciatst_ocf    from_lanier     up         opening         Fri Oct 05 13:06:08

    sxciatst_ocf    from_millennium up         opening         Fri Oct 05 13:05:45

    sxciatst_ocf    from_millennium up         opening         Fri Oct 05 13:06:01

    sxciatst_ocf    from_millennium up         up              Fri Oct 05 13:06:12

    sxciatst_ocf    from_ocf_orm_m2 up         up              Fri Oct 05 13:05:48

    sxciatst_ocf    from_ocf_orm_m2 up         up              Tue Oct 16 15:13:16

    sxciatst_ocf    from_ocf_orm_m3 up         up              Fri Oct 05 13:06:03

    sxciatst_ocf    from_profile_m2 down       down            Tue Oct 16 13:43:44

    sxciatst_ocf    from_profile_m2 up         up              Fri Oct 05 13:05:43

    sxciatst_ocf    from_profile_m3 up         up              Fri Oct 05 13:05:55

    sxciatst_ocf    to_ecare_mgr_la up         up              Wed Oct 17 09:52:24

    sxciatst_ocf    to_lablink      down       down            Wed Dec 31 18:00:00

    sxciatst_ocf    to_lanier       up         opening         Fri Oct 05 13:06:10

    sxciatst_ocf    to_ocf_orm_m2in up         up              Tue Oct 16 15:13:25

    sxciatst_ocf    to_ocf_orm_m2mc up         up              Fri Oct 05 13:05:40

    sxciatst_ocf    to_ocf_orm_m3in up         up              Fri Oct 05 13:05:50

    sxciatst_ocf    to_ocf_oru_m2in up         up              Tue Oct 16 15:13:31

    sxciatst_ocf    to_ocf_oru_m2mc up         up              Fri Oct 05 13:05:42

    sxciatst_ocf    to_ocf_oru_m3in up         up              Fri Oct 05 13:05:52

    sxciatst_ocf_ad from_ocf_adt_m2 up         up              Fri Oct 05 10:55:06

    sxciatst_ocf_ad from_ocf_adt_m2 up         up              Sat Sep 29 13:50:57

    sxciatst_ocf_ad from_ocf_adt_m3 up         up              Fri Oct 05 10:54:59

    sxciatst_ocf_ad to_plue         down       down            Wed Dec 31 18:00:00

    sxciatst_pyxis  from_ocf_pyxis  up         up              Wed Oct 10 09:26:01

    sxciatst_pyxis  from_ocf_pyxis_ up         up              Sat Sep 29 13:47:09

    sxciatst_pyxis  from_pyxis_bill up         opening         Sat Sep 29 13:47:12

    sxciatst_pyxis  to_ecare_mgr_rd up         up              Mon Oct 15 08:55:32

    sxciatst_pyxis  to_ocf_pyxis    up         up              Sat Sep 29 13:47:08

    sxciatst_pyxis  to_ocf_pyxis_m2 up         up              Sat Sep 29 13:47:13

    sxciatst_pyxis  to_pyxis_ord    up         opening         Sat Sep 29 13:47:10

    sxciatst_to_hq  to_hq_drop      up         ineof           Sat Sep 29 06:30:31

    sxciatst_to_hq  to_ie7iaint     up         up              Sat Sep 29 13:51:05

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      Jim Kosloskey


      I think I see the same thread name multiple times.

      Double check the thread names as specified in the NetConfig or NetMonitor against the log and the hciconnsort results.

      Could it be some of your thread names are too long?

      Jim Kosloskey


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      Mark Thompson


      We have the same environment and same problem.  Quovadx Support says it will be fixed in 5.6.

      Some of the process based NetMonitor commands (like purge caches and reload) are broken.  The GUI passes all of the thread names in the site to the process (instead of just the threads belonging to the process).  The process recognizes it does not own the requested threads and errors the command.

      The commands seem to work OK if you request them from a single thread instead of from a process.

      - Mark Thompson

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      Pete Gilbert

      We hadn’t realized there was also a bug with purge cache. We are upgrading to 5.5 because it is supposed to fix a bug with the purge cache in 5.3!!!!!!!

      If Quovadx is reading this: this is basic functionality and it is appalling that production code is released containing such flaws.  This is especially irritating as we were told to upgrade to 5.5 to fix a bug in the purge cache feature of 5.3.

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