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    Noel Field

    a couple of questions from a new cloverleaf interface analyst

    1) Is it possible for a TCL proc to redirect message flow to a thread in another process or even another site. I have a large new project coming and i am already reaching some of the recomended cloverleaf limits for process and threads. I understand that there is an inter-process communication piece that can be purchased from cloverleaf but i dont have that.

    2) To that end, does anyone have any experience with th einter-process communication add-in . Is it worth it ??

    thanks for your time


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      Jim Kosloskey


      The inter-process you are speaking of comes with Clovelreaf(R) if you are thinking of routing to a thread in another process but in the same site.

      I personally do not use inter-process routing.

      Here we would construct multiple sites.

      You would then route in site 1 to a thread which is PDL MLP or length-encoded TCP/IP which has localhost as the IP/Host address and a port of your choosing. I tend to make the routes to these kind of threads a raw route.

      Tthen in site 2 you would have an inbound thread same protocol as the thread above, listening on the same port as the thread above is sending. You would then route with Xlate, etc. from this thread to whatever destination threads you needed.

      There is no fee associated with what I think you need to do.


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