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    Bala Pisupati

    I have a situation where I need to send admitted patients every time I ftp the file till they get discharged. can anyone tell me how to do it?

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      Richard Hart


      I’m not quite sure I fully understand what you are after, but if you need to send a file of all admitted patients, then you’ll need to store this information someway – sqllite?

      If you receive an admission,          add a patient.

      If you receive a discharge,            remove the patient.

      If you receive a cancel discharge,  add the patient.

      If you receive a cancel admission, remove the patient.

      you’ll probably need to coordinate a ‘point-in-time’ load of all admitted patients.

      Does this help?

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      Bala Pisupati

      Thanks Richard for the reply

      how do i store the admit info after it comes in and how do i match it to discharge, i need a tcl proc for that i think and I am not familar with that can you help.

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      James Cobane


      It sounds as if you may need more assistance than can easily be done via clovertech, but what Richard is proposing is an option that would accomplish what you want.  As for how to match the patient/transaction, I would assume that you have a unique identifier for each patient visit (i.e. a visit/encounter/account number) that could be used as the “key” to match on.  You would need to code this in a tps proc utilizing the Sqlite tcl extensions that would allow you to store these transactions into a database that you can the store/retrieve as needed.  If this is beyond your current skillset with tcl, you may want to engage Quovadx and then it will give you an opportunity to work with the developer so you’ll have the experience for the next time.

      Hope this helps somewhat.

      Jim Cobane

      Henry Ford Health

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