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    Rick Pritchett

    instead of changing all of the threads that use the old recover_33 procs could i just rename the new recover_33 procs to something like recover_33_2007 and since there is also a resend_ob_msg proc in both rename it to something like resend_ob_msg_2007.  does anyone think there would be any issues?

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      John Hamilton

      The short answer is yes you can change the names easy enough.

      But unless I miss understood what Charlie was saying. The procs we should be using are posted in the TCL-library and there is only or should be only one version of them.   Read his explination about the recover procs he is more versed in his explination then I could be.

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      Rick Pritchett

      the real issue is that we have multiple sites and threads and i am trying to change everything over in a way not to inconvenience any of the users

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      Charlie Bursell

      My advice is if it ain’t broke don’t fix it  🙂

      I would leave the existing recover_33 as-is for now and bring in the new by attrition.

      Since there are *SO* many versions out there, it would be hard to say if you could simply rename. For example, one version continues the reply mesage after validating it only to kill it in the next proc.  The second proc would no longer be required as the reply is killed rather than continued in the check_ack procedure.

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      Rick Pritchett

      i was wondering if it was to do that so that i may use the newer procs on new processes.  thats why i wanted to know if the could exist on the same site

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